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Northern Liberties Clay Mask

Northern Liberties Clay Mask

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Acne Prone






Get fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin with our all-natural Northern Liberties Mask! Featuring such powerhouses as Organic Hibiscus, Rice Powder, and a custom Pink Clay blend, this mask will leave your skin feeling purified and flawless. Our all-natural, preservative-free formula has the unique ability to repair damaged skin, reduce breakouts, while also keeping your skin soft and supple. Featuring Organic Hibiscus, a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), this mask exfoliates your skin, speeds up cell turnover, and helps control acne breakouts. Rice Powder, which has been used for centuries as a natural beauty aid, has anti-aging and oil-absorbing properties making it perfect for acne-prone and dull skin. Our custom Pink Clay blend contains high levels of iron oxide, which is particularly useful for purifying, brightening, and strengthening the skin. This clay blend also soaks up excess oils, stale sebum, and impurities from within your pores, preventing breakouts. This facial mask, gentle enough to use on a regular basis, is in powder form to ensure freshness for each time you use it, and dismisses the need for any chemical preservatives.

This mask comes in powder form allowing for multiple uses from one jar! 



White Kaolin Clay, French Red Clay, Oryza Sativa Starch,Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis


Mix one to three teaspoons of powder and enough water (or your liquid of choice) in a non-metal bowl to form a thin paste. Apply a layer onto your damp face after cleansing, avoiding the eye area. Leave mask on for 5-15 minutes. Do not let the mask dry completely. To remove use a warm washcloth or rinse with warm water in circular motions to exfoliate. Follow with our Walnut Hill Face Serum for best results.


.5, 2, or 4oz BPA Free Plastic Jar

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Our social mission pledges that we will donate a portion of this product's sale to a dog rescue organization! Learn more here!


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