Recycling Program

First there was #SELFCARE, now you can practice #EARTHCARE!

You can help us take care of the planet by sending us back six of your empty, used product containers...and receive a free clay face mask as a Thank You!


How does it work?

1) Ship SIX empty Franklin & Whitman product containers to:
Franklin & Whitman Recycling Program
1901 S 9th Street
Studio 514
Philadelphia PA 19148
2) Please ensure all products are individually protected in the package.
3) Clearly write your name, shipping address, email address, and face mask choice on a piece of paper and add it to the return package. Use can download and print out our form here.
4) Once we receive your package, we will ship you your free clay face mask of your choice!
What do you we do with the returned products? That's a great question! We pay out of our own pockets to have our plastics sent to Terracycle for them to be re-used in other products. We then send the returned glass to our amazing friends at Remark Glass and have them turn them into our Recycled Glass Mask Bowls! You can learn more about the process here