Valentine’s Wellness Gift Guide for Her, Him, You & Your Pup!

Valentine’s Wellness Gift Guide for Her, Him, You & Your Pup!

By Samantha Conrad @shapedupsam 

No matter what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day this year, you or your significant other deserves a treat! Want to surprise your loved one with something that will make their lives easier? Maybe you want to encourage your partner to explore their own self-care practice. Or, you’re a Valentine’s Day hater and you want to take a relaxing bath or surprise your best friend (human or pup!) with a gift! Here’s our rec’s to make everyone feel loved on V-Day.


F&W Face Masks & Glass Bowl Set

Who doesn’t love to kick back with a clean, refreshing face mask? Choose from our four face masks, or get a deal with the combo pack. They’re each unique and equally soothing such amazing ingredients like matcha, cacao, and even coffee! Our masks are in powdered form to ensure freshness and dismiss the need for chemical preservatives.

The perfect accessory to go along with our masks is our new glass mask bowl kit. These unique bowls are handmade with love using traditional glass blowing techniques and are made from our own recycled Franklin & Whitman bottles! They also feature a premium wide brush and a porcelain spoon for mixing. Give this bowl made with love and thought to someone that deserves love and thoughtfulness in your life.


F&W Beard Serum + Shave Serum

If you can’t convince your significant to other to kick back and sport some face masks, these men’s grooming accessories are the perfect gift. Whether he needs a soothing serum for his post-shave face, or wants to take better care of his rugged beard, there’s a scent for him!


Healthy Human Life Water Bottle

Have a significant other that’s always on the go as a yogi, gym-goer, or workaholic? Did you make a resolution to stay hydrated in 2018? Healthy Human Life's stainless steel, ethically made, eco-friendly, and non-toxic water bottles make drinking water a stylish and enjoyable activity! Did you know the recommendation is to drink half your bodyweight in fl/oz per day? Healthy Human makes it super exciting with several different styles, sizes and colors!

Stasher Bag

Here’s another great option for someone who’s always on the go! Whether it’s a mom or dad that needs some help with snack time, or a professional meal-prepper, Stasher Bags are the way to go! They save money by helping keep food fresher for longer, and they reduce your carbon footprint since they’re 100% plastic free and reusable!


Teaonic Herbal Teas

Part of self care is taking care of our bodies. Along with drinking enough water every day, unsweetened herbal teas are another great way to take your self care practice to the next level. The names of each Teaonic herbal tea even start with, “I LOVE” and then go on to target specific parts of your body such as skin, femininity, brain, hair & nails, etc. Choose something that you LOVE about your significant other or yourself, and get them a healthy tea to match!


HU Kitchen Chocolates 

Okay, who doesn’t love chocolate- in general, but especially on Valentine’s Day! Skip the huge box of chocolates this year and splurge on some high-quality, Paleo and Vegan friendly chocolate bars! Filled with nut butter, minty fresh, or true dark chocolate there’s a Hu Kitchen flavor to please everyone’s taste buds.


Seger Park Dog Balm

If you’re like us, your companion deserves to feel loved just as much as anyone else in the house! Our all-natural Seger Park Dog Balm is used on your pup's paws and nose to prevent or treat dryness or cracking. This is especially important in the winter to protect their paws from toxic ice melting products. Show your pup some love and keep them smelling and feeling fresh!


Healthy Human Life Go Pet Travel Bowls

If you travel a lot, take road trips on the reg, or love to take your dog on long walks, the Healthy Human Life travel bento bowl is perfect for your furry friend! Made from the same high quality materials as the water bottles, these bowls are stackable, keep water cold for up to four hours, and can hold snacks and food as well. Help you and your pup stay stress free together!

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