Pup Of The Month: Lexi

Pup Of The Month: Lexi

We are SO EXCITED to announce a new addition to our dog rescue social mission! Introducing our Pup Of The Month campaign! Each month we will be highlighting one dog at the Pennsylvania SPCA that is in need of a loving home. Not only will we be telling each pup's story, we will also be paying for the adoption fee for that pup if one of our amazing customers gives them a loving home. Help us help them!


Meet Lexington

Name: Lexington

Breed: Pit Mix

Approximate Age: 9-10 Years Old

Lexington, or Lexi as she is known to her friends, was first brought into the Pennsylvania SPCA in 2013. Officers sadly found her and another dog in a basement of a building. She was underfed and it was clear by her weight that the other dog dominated her for her food. She was so weak the officers had to carry her out of the building. Things were so bad for her she had turned to eating what she could find and had to have a surgery to remove screws from her stomach. In her time at the PA SPCA it was discovered she actually had an allergy to wheat and grain. Being in a safe environment with proper medical care and a diet that fit her needs helped Lexi gain the weight she needed and when her energy returned, she thrived. 

After waiting close to a year to be adopted Lexi found a loving home in 2014. Sadly, she was returned recently when her owners lost their house and could no longer afford to take care of her. When we met her and heard her story, we had to do something about it. We are hoping we can find her a new, loving home!

In our time with her it was clear that Lexi is sweet, gentle and has the cutest snort when she’s happy. (We got to experience this adorable snort while we were taking pics of her outdoors!)  All she wanted to do was cuddle with us when we were with her, so if you are looking for a cuddle bug she is the perfect fit! She doesn’t seem to notice cats, but we are told she can sometimes be leery of other dogs due to her basement experience.

Since she has a wheat and grain allergy, it is recommended she is fed wet dog food. Also, due to her allergies, Lexi is recommended for families with older children, although responsible parents with younger children may be considered.

We are hoping that, through this new initiative, we can help Lexi find her forever home with a loving owner. If you are interested in meeting Lexi and talking to the PA SPCA about her simply click the link below and fill out our contact form. If you fill out the form and eventually adopt Lexi we will cheerfully pay the adoption fee!!! 


UPDATE: On April 18th Lexi was adopted!!!!!


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