It's time to show your cuticles some love

It's time to show your cuticles some love

By Samantha Conrad @shapedupsam 


I don’t know about you, but I often neglect my nail and cuticle health which leaves me with dry cuticles, hangnails, and ruined mani-pedis. Our new Girard Estates Cuticle Serum is a quick absorbing, hydrating blend that will leave your cuticles moisturized and your nails strengthened...while smelling amazing, as always.


Why use cuticle serum?

Prioritize nail health! Our nails go through a lot on a daily basis. Between work, cooking, working out, laundry, and washing our hands we could be damaging our cuticles. Exposure to the cold, the sun, salt, and even soapy water can be harsh. Practicing self-care just doesn’t include face masks...your nails and cuticles deserve some love too!

Protect and repair your skin! Our cuticle serum is highly concentrated which means it can be absorbed quickly and easily. Not only does it protect, but it repairs as well. It softens and conditions your cuticles and tightens the skin so that you will be less likely to form hangnails and pick at your cuticles.

Keep your manicure looking fresh! By applying cuticle serum on a regular basis, it can actually make your nails more flexible and less brittle which keeps them from breaking. It also makes the nail polish itself more pliable which prevents nail polish from chipping.

So what’s in it???

Avocado Oil: moisturizes and helps other oils more deeply penetrate the skin

Jojoba Oil: small molecules make it easy to moisturize the skin deeply

Sweet Almond Oil: larger molecules stay closer to the skin's surface and nourish the upper layers

Castor Oil: moisturizes as well as fights bacteria

Grapeseed Oil: softens skin and seals in moisture

Apricot Kernel Oil: high in vitamin A and work to soften and penetrate the skin

Vitamin E: deeply hydrates and conditions cuticles, helps prevent nail problems such as brittleness and dry skin before they start, helps increase nail flexibility

Essential Oil Blend: a subtle blend of lemon, tangerine, and eucalyptus essential oils to nourish cuticles, brighten your nails, and smell great

How do I use it?

Fingers and toes! Brush our cuticle serum on both your finger and toe nails nightly. Brush the serum on, wait several minutes, then gently massage into cuticles and nails.

After hand washing. Washing our hands with soap and water can be harsh on cuticle and nail health. Try carrying it around in your purse or storing one in your bathroom to spot restore nail health after each hand wash.

Before and after a mani-pedi. Applying cuticle serum before doing your nails helps the nail polish to last longer. Just be sure it’s completely dry before applying nail polish in order for the polish to coat evenly over nails. After a mani-pedi also extends the life of the polish. Applying directly after getting nails done and whenever you have nail polish on your fingers or toes will work wonders!

All day everyday. If your cuticles are feeling dry, or you’re starting to form hangnails, let the cuticle serum help! After being out in the cold is a good time to apply, or whenever you notice any sort of discomfort or dryness with your cuticles.

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