Hyaluronic Acid: Are You Using it the Right Way? Here's How to Make Sure...

Hyaluronic Acid: Are You Using it the Right Way? Here's How to Make Sure...

Let’s start with the basics, what is hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid, also referred to as HA, is a naturally occurring molecule produced in our body, mainly found in our skin and around our eyes. Hyaluronic acid is most commonly applied topically. This molecule, the Gaga of skincare products, has worked its way to the top in pop culture and there’s a reason for that. HA binds water to collagen, trapping it in the skin and enhancing the moisture barrier for an all natural glowy, dewy effect. Collagen is a bountiful protein that strengthens the skin. Worried if HA is safe to use for your specific skin type? Don’t stress! Hyaluronic acid is a non irritating ingredient that works wonders for any and all skin types, combination, oily, acne prone, dry, etc.

Our ultra thick Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains a soothing combination of 3% Hyaluronic Acid Complex, 2% Pro-Vitamin B5, and natural peptides that helps to hydrate your skin on multiple levels. Our unique formula restores your skin’s structural support, improves elasticity, and reinvigorates the appearance of fatigued skin. This amazing formula helps lock in moisture and leaves your skin feeling plump to the touch. It helps repair your skin's natural moisture barrier thus retaining optimum hydration. 


But here’s the catch, are you using it correctly? Hyaluronic acid is meant to be applied to damp skin. For optimum results, gently wash your face, apply a toner (do NOT pay dry) and then gently press HA into the skin. After thirty seconds top it off with a facial serum or moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid does not actually contain water; it binds water to the skin. Therefore it is best used with Franklin & Whitman’s water based facial toner to optimize results and lock in hydration. Applying HA incorrectly can actually dehydrate the skin; the opposite effect of what you want! Applying it to dry skin can pull moisture from deep within the skin to the skin’s surface, instead of pulling it towards the dermis, leaving your skin thirsty AF. 

The star of this serum is the 3% multi-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, which means our formula comprises multiple weights of hyaluronic acid so it can be deposited into different layers of the skin. Our three molecular weights pull moisture deep into the skin (and keeps it there) to instantly smooth the skin’s surface. Providing protection to cell structures, Hyaluronic Acid is the natural gel between our skin cells that serves as a water reservoir for those cells. As we age, skin loses hyaluronic acid and the ability to hold sufficient water in this reservoir. One gram of HA has the ability to hold up to six liters of water, you heard that right, 6 liters! All you need is 1-2 pumps and your skin will be refreshed and thanking you. Feeding new hyaluronic acid to skin helps hydrate your skin's intercellular reservoir, raising your skin's moisture level, and smoothing down age lines. Think of your skin as a sponge. It retains water in the morning, but what helps it keep it hydrated all day long? Sponges dry out, and so does your skin. HA holds the water to your skin all day long, so it doesn’t dry out. Harsh weather, heaters in the wintertime, certain skin-care products, and simply not drinking enough water daily can dehydrate our skin (let’s be real here, we’re all human, and drinking 3 liters of water a day doesn’t always happen). 


As we age, our skin produces less collagen (and as previously mentioned, hyaluronic acid), thus our skin becomes dehydrated easier. Hyaluronic acid binds to collagen, an essential protein, to help our skin stay soft and smooth. When our skin is hydrated, lines and wrinkles appear smoother and polished. As you're using this product you can feel your skin become plump and rich to the touch. Hyaluronic Acid is also known to help safeguard the skin against environmental contaminants such as pollution. Pollution breaks down the collagen in our skin’s epidermis. Small nano particles of dirt can get trapped in our skin and cause premature aging. HA protects the skin's barrier from harsh pollutants, and gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. As the months get warmer (finally!), summer is just around the corner, and your body tends to lose a substantial amount of moisture through the skin. Obviously the last thing you want to do in a heatwave is apply a thick creamy lotion, that’s why our lightweight formula is so perfect for your daily routine. 


We’ve teamed our Hyaluronic Acid complex with Provitamin B5, which is an additional humectant (substance used to reduce the loss of moisture) that will help moisture bind to your dermis even in the harshest of conditions. It shields the skin from irritation and stimulates healing faster, improving the appearance, and reducing dryness, roughness, scaling, and redness. Provitamin B5 is known to rapidly retain moisture. Its moisturizing properties improve hydration, reducing water loss and maintaining skin elasticity and softness.  

Rounding out our superstar ingredients is a natural peptide derived from Teff, a grass largely grown in crops across Ethiopia. This is what makes our formula so unique. Teff has a super rich nutritional profile full of amino acids, is non-gmo, and is naturally gluten-free. As an active ingredient, our peptide uses multi-functional, age defying properties to give long-term results. It stimulates collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production, fortifies the dermal-epidermal junction (an area of skin where the dermis and the epidermis meet that helps support your skin's structure) for enhanced structural support and integrity, and tones up the dermis for firmer, more elastic skin.


Our amazing formula is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine and can be used morning and night. To reiterate we highly recommend using this serum on damp skin, after your cleanser and toner. When used correctly, it absorbs quickly and easily, leaving your skin feeling plump and revitalized. Once absorbed, lock in moisture with a serum/moisturizer for best results. 

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