Customer Skincare Q&A with Samantha Christine

Customer Skincare Q&A with Samantha Christine

Q&A with Samantha Christine @samanthachristinexo

 By Samantha Conrad (@shapedupsam)

Our customer, Samantha Christine, shares how Franklin and Whitman has transformed her life and boosted her confidence after trying several other unsuccessful methods in getting rid of cystic acne. Samantha supports her passion for quality beauty by working in skincare, as well as modeling and running an additional beauty account @beautywithsamanthachristine.


Q: When did you start getting acne and how has it affected your life?
A:  I didn't start struggling with adult cystic acne when until I was about 18 years old. I was, as most people with acne are, embarrassed and afraid to go out without makeup on. I would pile on the foundation until you could no longer see any redness or acne peaking through. My self esteem was definitely affected and I felt I didn't look pretty without loads of makeup.


Q: What kind of skin would you say you have?
A: My skin is currently combination. It used to be extremely dry in some areas such as my cheeks and very oily in others like my forehead and corners of my nose. I believe the products I was using before I discovered Franklin & Whitman were causing my skin to be unbalanced. It was extremely oily at some times and extremely dry at others. The salicylic and benzoyl I was using was so harsh on my skin; it was red and mad, and when I would stop using them it became extremely oily. My skin was never happy.



Q: Did you try any other products or remedies before using Frank & Whit that didn’t work for you?
A: I have tried so many different products before finding Frank & Whit. I had tried everything from Proactiv to topical treatments from the doctor, which both burned my skin. I tried many different face washes and scrubs and nothing seemed to work for me. I felt like I was at a loss after spending so much time and money. I had even seen two different dermatologists who both suggested I go on Acutane, which I did not want to do.


Q: How did you find out about Frank & Whit Products?
A: Someone I follow on instagram had raved about how much she loved the products so I thought I’d give it a try since it was a total opposite from the harsh chemicals I had been trying.



Q: What does your skincare routine look like?
A: I wash my face twice a day with the Chestnut Hill Cleansing Serum. Then, I spritz on the Lauren Hill Facial Toner. After that dries I apply the Walnut Hill Face Serum to my whole face with my hands. Once or twice a week I will use my Oak Lane Face Mask. And 2-3 times a week I use the Fitler Square Face Scrub to help get rid of dry skin.


Q: What is your all-time favorite product?
A: I love all the products, but the two I can't live without would be the Fitler Square Face Scrub and the Walnut Hill Face Serum! The face scrub because it has tea tree oil which has really helped with my acne. It kills the bacteria without irritating my skin like benzoyl or salicylic does, and it loosens up any dry skin and impurities so my skin feels soft and smooth after using it. The serum is great because it replenishes my skin’s moisture and helps keep it calm and hydrated! It doesn't clog my pores or irritate my skin like other moisturizers do. I also love the fact that Frank & Whit products don't have fragrance because my skin is so sensitive. I can honestly say that Frank & Whit products have never irritated my skin.



Q: Any other skincare tips or habits that keep your skin feeling healthy and clear?
A: Exfoliating with the face scrub has been my savior. A lot of people don't think they need to do it, but it is so important to help the new healthy skin cells come to the surface! The tea tree oil in the scrub really helps keep away bad bacteria and shrink the size of my cysts.


Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: Everyone's skin is different and healing takes time. Acne is extremely common and does not make you any less of an amazing person! It's hard to know what brands to trust because there are so many options. But, I'm telling you guys, Frank & Whit really is different! Using natural skin care does make a difference! Consistency and time are key but it's better to be patient and heal your skin naturally than damage it and cause redness and irritation from harsh chemicals.
I have been dealing with acne for 5 years now and been working in the skincare industry for two years. I still get breakouts and have bad skin days, but they are a lot less frequent, more comfortable and easier to handle than before. My skin is finally more balanced and not painful to the touch anymore.


"Thank you so much Frank & Whit for creating an amazing natural skin care line. I have spent so many years using harsh chemicals on my face that would leave my skin red and irritated. I am truly amazed by the results I have gotten and can't imagine using anything else!"


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