Drippy Pots Mask Bowl Set

Peach Northern Liberties
Mint Spruce Hill
Mist Queen Village

We're so excited to launch our latest Mask Bowl collection! We've teamed up with the amazingly talented Brian Giniewski of Drippy Pots fame to come up with a limited-run Mask Bowl Set that is both fun and functional! Each unique bowl is handmade and one-of-a-kind and is matched with a 2oz mask of the same color! Once this set is sold out, it is sold out! It makes an amazing gift for a loved one or yourself!

Each set also comes with a luxurious, premium wide application brush that feels amazing on the skin, and a porcelain white mixing spoon that is as quaint as it is functional.

There are three set options:

Peach/Ash Bowl set with 2oz Northern Liberties Face Mask

Mint/Ash Bowl set with a 2oz Spruce Hill Face Mask

Mist/Ash Bowl set with a 2oz Queen Village Face Mask


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