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Washington Square Botanical Steam

Our Washington Square Botanical Steam is a bright floral blend of nourishing botanicals beneficial for skin hydration, purification and deep cleansing of pores. Our Facial Steams are formulated with organic flowers and herbs specifically chosen for their skin-benefiting properties. Botanical steams are calming to the senses, open pores and cleanse naturally by purifying and hydrating the skin. This organic botanical steam is floral nirvana featuring such all-time favorites as Rose petals, Lavender buds, Calendula flowers, and Linden leaf. Our botanical steams moisturize, remove pollutants, deeply cleanse and dislodge dirt from pores. They relax muscles and stimulate circulation all while smelling amazing. They make a great addition to our all-natural face scrubs, face masks, and face serums.


Organic Rose Petals, Organic Lavender Buds, Organic Calendula Flowers, Organic Linden Leaf


Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Place 1-2 tablespoons of blend in a large bowl. Pour steaming water over the blend. Allow to cool slightly. Place a towel over your head to create a steam tent and position your face comfortably over the bowl . Breathe deeply and enjoy for 10-15 minutes.

4oz BPA Free Jar

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